Lecturers, researchers, practitioners, teachers, undergraduate and post-graduate students are kindly invited to submit the papers for oral or poster presentation. The papers that will be accepted are the original scientific research articles in the field of Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, Education, and their Applications, and related areas. The committee also invited the participants to submit their papers in the field of green material and technology. The authors of the papers are responsible for the scientific content and novelty of the research materials. Articles, published before in other international journals or papers’ collections will not be accepted for publication in this conference.

In order to maintain the high standards appropriate to such a journal/proceeding, all contributions received are submitted for anonymous review by the experts, additionally to review by the Editor. All the papers that have been formally accepted by the committee will be given an opportunity to be presented in the conference.



  • Mathematics and Mathematics Education
  • Physics and Physics Education
  • Chemistry and Chemistry Education
  • Biology and Biology Education
  • Geography and Geography Education
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Education and Application


  • Geopolymer & Related Material
  • Green energy/photovoltaics
  • Biomaterials
  • Biotechnology
  • Green chemistry
  • Nanotechnology


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