Introduction and Theme


The development of research is necessary to be in line with the progression of education, science, and technology in the world. As one of academic institutions in Indonesia, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, State University of Makassar (UNM) will conduct an international seminar in the field of mathematics and natural sciences (MIPA), technology, and education.
Experts in the field of mathematics, sciences, technology and education are kindly invited in this conference as keynote speakers. In addition, researchers in those fields are kindly given opportunity to publish their researches.


The Role of Mathematics, Sciences, Technology and Education towards ASEAN Economic Community and Global Challenges.


  1. Comprehensively discussing the results of researches in the field of mathematics, sciences, technology, and education.
    Publishing the results of researches, in the field of mathematics, sciences, technology and education.
  2. Participant
    The participants of this seminar are lecturers, teachers, students, practitioners, and researchers of mathematics and natural sciences, technology and education.